Food That is Simply... Zachi!

Sides Small Large
Hummus 2.50 4.99
Baba Ghanouj (Smoked Eggplant) 2.50 4.99
Ful (Fava Beans) 2.50 4.99
Lebna (Yogurt Spread) 2.50 4.99
Falafel (8 pcs) 4.99
Pita 0.50 (1pc) 0.99 (3 pcs)
Hummus with Shawarma (Turkey or Beef) 8.99 (X-Large)
Fattoush Spring greens, freshly chopped tomatoes, cucumbers, radish, lemon juice and pomegranate dressing topped with homemade pita chips. (Add turkey of beef shawarma for only $2.95) 6.99
Tabouli Parsley based salad with cracked wheat, lemon juice and finely chopped onions and tomatoes 5.99
Jerusalem salad Freshly chopped tomatoes and cucumbers garnished with parsley, dry mint and tahini dressing 4.99
Yogurt salad Yogurt, freshly chopped cucumbers, dry mint and minced garlic 4.99
Fountain Drinks 1.79
Cans 1.25
Sweets (Baklava)
Small Box 4.99
Medium Box (Assorted) 7.99
Large Box (Assorted) 14.99
Soup (Lentil)

100% Vegan/glutin free

Small (8 oz) 2.99
Large (16 oz) 4.99
X-Large (24 oz) 7.99
Zachi Pies
Cheese 3
Spinach 2.50
Loaded Lentil
A bowl of rice topped with turkey shawarma and homemade pita chips all smothered in our famous lentil soup. *Substitute turkey with falafel for no additional charge 6.99

Add any extra protein (Mix or Match) Only $2.95

A bed of rice topped with your choice of protein, tomatoes, pickles, lettuce, pickled cabbage, tahini sauce and freshly chopped parsley. Served with pita bread. *Request it spicy as it is our chef’s recommendation. 8.95
Falafel (8pcs)
Turkey Shawarma
Beef Shawarma
Kifta Kabob
Sandwiches (wraps)

Make it a meal(Hummus+soft drink) 8.99

Bite (2.99) Regular (6.75)
Make any wrap a supreme for only 0.99 Supreme: cauliflower, potatoes and homemade pickles
Turkey shawarma Marinated turkey, homemade garlic spread and pickles
Beef shawarma Marinated beef and lamb, tomatoes, pickles, tahini sauce and parsley
Falafel Balls of falafel, yogurt spread, tomatoes, pickles, pickled cabbage, tahini sauce and parsley
Kifta Ground beef & lamb chargrilled to perfection, tomatoes, pickles, tahini sauce and parsley
Lebna Creamy yogurt spread, zaatar(thyme), tomatoes, cucumbers, pickles, pickled cabbage, lettuce and parsley
Mix Vegi Fried potatoes, fried cauliflower, tomatoes, pickles, pickled cabbage, lettuce, tahini sauce and parsley
Zachi Vegi Platter Only $11.99
Baba ghanouj
Falafel (8pcs)
Cabbage Salad
Jerusalem Salad
Pita bread
Chef’s Signature wraps
Musakhan Thinly sliced onions sauteed in olive oil infused with sumac and mixed middle eastern spices, all wrapped with freshly sliced turkey shawarma and garlic spread toasted to perfection. 7.75
Shunkar A falafel wrap loaded with tabouli, tahini sauce and freshly sliced lemon. 7.75
Zesty eggplant A falafel wrap topped with all the goodies plus fried eggplant and freshly sliced lemon. 7.75
The Flame Your choice of falafel or Turkey shawarma wrap topped with all the goodies plus deep fried jalapenos and our home made hot sauce 7.75
Kulshi wrap All in one wrap. Falafel, turkey and beef shawarma topped with tomatoes, pickles tahini sauce and freshly chopped parsley 8.95
12” shawarma wrap of your choice (Turkey or beef) panini toasted cut into bite size pieces, served with hummus, sauce and pickles. Only $11.99