Zabiha halal

Our menu is 100% Zabiha halal.

Gift and rewards cards now available

Now you can enjoy the no-hassle Zachi card. Immediately enjoy the benefits by receiving 10% bonus on any dollar amount you add to your reloadable card. Rewards include free meals, extra bonus money directly added to your card when you spend $100 using your Zachi card and much more.


Turkey shawarma in our Zachi express location

Now you can have that thanksgiving feeling any time of the year. We will be home of the turkey shawarma.

About Zachi

Zachi first came to birth on Belmont Ave in 2012 when the owner, Majid Mustafa finally took his dreams and brought it to life in the Lakeview area. It was always his dream to open a small falafel joint. not so small any more as he is almost done and ready to proudly announce the opening of Zachi express. A smaller version of its mother store yet with the same big flavors. also located in Lakeview (3202 N Broadway St.), ZAchi express aims to build a swift service concept with it's bowls and wraps. stay tuned.